Dying to Make a Difference



by Mary E. Matthiesen

“A short, yet much needed jolt into living & dying well. Books like these are so important to remind us of how to live from the first-hand experience of those who have faced death with courage and awareness to make it better for all those it affects at the time.”

Amazon Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars

Dying to Make a Difference is a story for our generation. A story about heeding life’s inner call after the death of a loved one, and the legacy that’s possible when we do: living AND dying well.

Part memoir, part call to action it is a story about the power we each hold to learn from our experience after the death of a loved one. To make a difference. Change our future. One conversation, one liberating choice at a time. Written from the heart by a baby boomer woman who’s personal, yet unexpectedly liberating journey since the death of her mother is about finding a way to encourage us to do just that.

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For speaking requests, coaching & compassionate community consulting, contact Mary at www.marymatthiesen.com

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Book cover of Dying to Make a Difference by Mary MatthiesenDying to Make a Difference
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