The Conversation Game™ Workshop for Individuals & Families



Experience the simplest way we’ve found to start talking about what matters most for yourself or with family using the Conversation Game™ via this 60-minute facilitated online workshop. Please scroll down for details.

We run regular workshop sessions, please select the date which suits you below.


Benefits of this workshop

A fantastic starting point to the Conversations for Life™ Programme.

  • The Conversation Game™ cards help us find the words to talk about what matters most and why this is important to us or our loved ones.
  • Yet the facilitated exercises go beyond the cards, giving you the opportunity to:
    • explore what matters most to you during the session
    • leave with phrases and resources to support you to begin your own conversations with family, friends or healthcare providers.
    •  and give you tips on using the cards and phrases to support earlier conversations with those around you.


A 60-minute live, online workshop guided by Conversations for Life™ founders, providing facilitated exercises, discussion and reflection.

Taster Session Overview:

  • Introducing the Conversation Game™
  • Identifying the 10 most important things to you (today)
  • Exploring what that means to you personally
  • Experiencing  how important it is to identify  your key wishes and values and communicate WHY they are important to you if you want to have a say in your future care.
  • Starting the conversation – includes specific phrases to begin.

Fees include:

  • Password protected online access to live workshop facilitated by Conversations for Life Founders
  • 1 pack of The Conversation Game (Shipped upon registration. Please allow 10 days for packaging & post)
  • Step-by-step guidance of how we have used The Conversation Game in public workshops AND with our own families
  • The Conversation Game worksheet (PDF) for your own use during the session-and to use with friends/family following.
  • On-going use of the approach and resources shared in this session for the participant’s personal or family use forever.

Disclaimer: This session focuses on just one of the tools included in our full Conversations for Life™ public workshop for individuals and families. The quotes of participant experiences on this website were from those who experienced the full workshop and tools. For the full workshop series, the Self-Guided Workshop: Webinar Pack – or Virtual Group Workshop Series (coming soon) may be your next step.

Upcoming Dates

Thursday September 14th 5:00-6:00PM BST

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Focus on the Conversation Game - lady looking the Conversation Game cardsThe Conversation Game™ Workshop for Individuals & Families
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