What people are saying about The Conversation Game™

Whenever we use the Conversation Game within a session on ACP the trainees give positive feedback, often stating that it puts it into context and offers an opportunity for excellent interactive learning.

GP Commissioner

Until the cards, I didn’t even know what we needed to talk about.

Public Workshop Participant

Years on, I’m still using the tools with patients and families.

Admiral Nurse

It helped us (mother/daughter) start a conversation I didn’t even know we needed to have.

Public Workshop Participant

I attended a workshop for Chaplains and had terrific feedback from the use of the cards. Well done.

PHINE Network

I assumed we (husband and wife) wanted the same thing… was I ever wrong…

Public Workshop Participant

It helped our patient who couldn’t speak have the conversation…

Acute Trust RN

The Conversation Game™ Starter Pack

From: £26.00


The Conversation Game™ receives rave reviews and is sought after by individuals and organisations alike.


The evidenced based game offers a great tool to facilitate discussions, getting people to think and talk about positive values and goals for having the best end of life possible.

Rather than the often blank response to the question, ‘What is most important to you?‘, the cards help people find the words to talk about what matters most and why this would be important if you were seriously ill or dying.

The Conversation Game™ starter pack includes two packs of cards and instructions for using the cards individually and in pairs.

Discounts are offered when ordering multiple packs. Please select your preferred quantity.

(Prices below include shipping inside the UK. For shipping outside the UK we charge a flat rate of £20 which will be added to your order during check-out.)

How individuals and family members use The Conversation Game™

  • A Mother, daughter, father, sister, brother (healthy or ill) to open the conversation with a partner, parent, family member or friend
  • A patient to help them articulate their priorities and concerns
  • Community members in local meetings, at family gatherings and in religious discussion groups
  • Individuals with elderly parents or young adult children to help prepare for their possible role as health care spokesperson

How health, social care, care homes and community organizations use The Conversation Game™

  • Social workers, health educators and care home staff, or anyone meeting with patients and their loved ones to start
    conversations about end of life care
  • Hospice workers to stimulate discussions about what the patient may hope for
  • Physicians with a patient who doesn’t have anyone to act on their behalf, to give them a chance to understand what
    goals and values are guiding the treatment decisions the patient is making
  • In health education classes on advance care planning to help patients and their potential advocate compare and
    discuss priorities that they hold in common, and to discover where their priorities differ. 

The cards are used in Conversations for Life workshops and facilitator training, have been field tested in the US and the UK and are licensed for distribution to the Conversations for Life programme by Coda Alliance USA.


Ordered are dispatched once a week and are dependent on Royal Mail postal services. We highly recommend educators and course participants to plan ahead. You will receive an email when your order has been dispatched. For shipping outside the UK we charge a flat rate of £20.

Prices include Royal Mail Standard shipping, packaging and handling as follows:

  • 2 packs = £26 GBP
  • 4 packs = £46 GBP
  • 8 packs = £85 GBP
  • 36 packs = £342 GBP
  • 64 packs = £576 GBP

Our partnerships matter to us. Card pricing is based on UK printing and a license fee paid for each card pack sold.  The cards include postage and packing.

How to Start the Conversation – information explaining the Background & History of the Game, Outlines the Objectives, and explains how to play the game.

For more Information about the cards, how they work, and where they came from
For Case Examples from Healthcare Staff

Free Shipping inside the UK, Flat rate of £20 outside the UK

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