“A lot of people don’t like to think about dying. They think it will never happen to them.”


“When I got my own diagnosis I thought, I want to take control of the situation.”


“It’s important to do the talking… and in some communities, some cultures it may not be so easy.”


How can we get the care we want for our last days of living?

• If we never thought about it…
• Never talked about it…
• Never told anyone what we would want?


The worst time to start these conversations is when you need them most.

Our programme and products are here to help you take the first step.

Conversations for Life™ are conversations for the living about dying well. Our workshops and resources inspire family members and care staff to talk about and support what matters most for your future care.Explore for yourself or engage those you care for in one of the most important conversations of our lives.
More than 10,000 care staff and families internationally have gained confidence and competence to start these conversations using the Conversations for Life™ evidence-based approach and materials.


Available now for individuals and educators via virtual workshops, training and resources.

Support, Training & Resources

What people are saying about Conversations for Life™

The Conversation Game™

I had no idea what we needed to talk about until I saw the cards.


It made me feel less alone in how I feel about this topic. Everyone can see themselves in that film.


Using the cards and film to focus on the first step, “understanding why”, changed the conversation for me.

Workshop participant

These resources immediately open what could be a challenging conversation to start.

Conference Delegate

Support for Individuals
& Families

I’ve just told my daughter things we’ve never talked about. It always seems like there will be the ‘right time’. There really isn’t any ‘right time,’ is there?


My husband and I are going to go through the materials together and then call a family meeting. We don’t want anyone to question what we would want and now realise they would - unless we talk about it.


So much I read is about forms or legal issues. This is about what really matters to me and my family.


I had no idea what I wanted around my end of life. Once I knew what I wanted everything else - including the conversations - were much easier. I had something to ask for.

Family Member

Training for Health &
Social Care Educators

Takes the fear out of starting the conversations

Community Nurse

Without a doubt, one of the best and most useful learning events I have been on. I am really enthusiastic about using this with the families that I work with.


This has made a difference to staff approach and the way we now do our advance care plans.

Acute Trust Manager

Brilliant, informative, thought provoking, stimulating, beautiful… Of all the workshops, it has to be said that the Conversations for Life scored the highest.

Chaplain & Service Manager

Conversations for Life™ evidence-based programmes and products have now supported more than 10,000 care staff and families internationally.

Welcome from the women behind Conversations for Life™


The Conversations for Life™ approach and materials were born from the unique personal and professional experiences of two baby boomer women: Mary Matthiesen, a healthcare educator, coach and community facilitator with 20 years‘ experience leading staff and public awareness initiatives internationally and Nicola Rudge, an award-winning holistic designer, coach, and patient advocate.

We remain passionate about the meaningful part our approach continues to play inspiring and engaging public, staff and communities in conversations about what matters most for our future care.

Inspired by the stories of local people and privileged to work with innovative and caring health and social care leaders, staff, and community members, the CFL history to date includes:

  • Public Workshops
  • Nationally endorsed public health campaign pilot
  • Professional workshops
  • Community Engagement Facilitation
  • Film as a catalyst for social change

Conversations for Life™ has partnered with or presented to organisations internationally.

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