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Experience the benefits of our nationally endorsed public workshop and resource pack in the comfort of your own home.  Scroll down for details.



This self-guided webinar package is practical and interactive so you can explore what you want for your future care with tools and information to apply in your own life as you wish.

It includes coaching and resources to help you:

  • explore what matters most to you now for your future care,
  • overcome many fears of talking about death and dying with others and
  • gain tips on how you can hold conversations with family and healthcare staff as a result.

You’ll also:

  •  learn key elements that family and/or staff will need to know to be able to act in your best interest,
  • gain peace of mind, knowing how this conversation can make a difference for yourself and loved ones.
  •  complete the webinar series and exercises at your own pace, in your own time.

Once complete, you’ll have an action plan for your own conversations and care over time.


5 x supportive 30-minute pre-recorded webinars with accompanying exercises and worksheets guiding you through each of the steps in the Conversations for Life™ public workshop.

Webinar Series Outline:

  • Session 1: Welcome, Introduction to the Webinar Series, and excercises to begin, including a 10 minute film of people sharing their experiences to inspire you to begin to consider what you would want or not want for your own care in the future.
  • Session 2: Focus on the Conversation Game-with a series of facilitated exercises to explore what matters to you most in your care and why. This is the foundation to the rest of the workshop and to your conversations over time.
  • Session 3: Session 3 guides you with prompts to consider who you might want to be involved in your future care decisions and where you might want to be cared for, with resources and examples to explore and translate those ‘wishes’ into reality according to your personal circumstances.
  • Session 4: Session 4 focuses on “What”, key choices and decisions for you to inform others about choices and preferences you’d want or never choose for your future care, with information, resources, and forms you may wish to consider.
  • Session 5: Session 5 completes the session, bringing together what you’ve identified and learned in the first four sessions, with specific tools and tips on ‘how” specifically you may want to start your own conversations, now with the clarity of what you want to speak about and with whom. It also includes your ‘personal action plan’ to gain greater understanding or further explore options over time.

Fees include:

  • Password protected online access to 5 x 30-minute individual webinars
  • Password protected online access to Breaking the Silence film (or DVD shipped)
  • 1 set of The Conversation Game™ Cards (please allow 10 days for delivery)
  • 6 x Self-Guided Conversations for Life™ Worksheets (PDF’s)
  • Nationally Endorsed PDF documents
  • A resource list to learn more about specific topics that may be important to you or those you love

System Requirements for Best Participation:

  • The workshop will be held on Zoom or similar platform. All information to access the session will be sent to you via email prior to the session date.
  • A computer that was manufactured recently should be able to handle any CFL online workshops. Many already have the equipment required to take online workshops with no problem, but it’s important to know if what you currently possess will do the trick.

A computer with the following basic specs should be sufficient for your CFL online/virtual learning:

  • Computer microphone and speakers
  • Computer/phone headphones (if preferred)
  • Web Camera -for full participation
  • High-speed Wi-Fi connection obtained either at home (preferred for the best experience) or via an outside source, that offers wifi and a space conducive to learning.

Disclaimer: These workshops are educational coaching sessions designed to inform and facilitate individuals to plan for your future care. No medical advice is provided.


Most people are living with some aspect of these issues touching their lives right now. Exploring these conversations and choices may bring up memories from the past or concerns for the future. This can be surprising, but quite normal.

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