Online Course Requirements

A computer that was manufactured recently should be able to handle any Conversations for Life™ online workshops. Many already have the equipment required to take online workshops with no problem, but it’s important to know if what you currently possess will do the trick.

A computer with the following basic specs should be sufficient for your Conversations for Life™ online/virtual learning:

  • 250 GB hard drive or higher
  • 4 GB RAM or higher
  • 2.0 GHz Intel or AMD processor
  • Windows 10 or MAC OS 10.10 or later
  • Microsoft Edge, Firefox 48 or later
  • Safari 11 or later
  • Anti-virus program (updated regularly)
  • Computer microphone and speakers
  • Computer/phone headphones (if preferred)
  • Web Camera -for full participation
  • High-speed Wi-Fi connection obtained either at home (preferred for the best experience) or via an outside source, that offers wifi and a space conducive to learning.
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