‘Simple Tools to Start the Conversation’ Training for Health & Social Care Educators

What people are saying about the Training

From a commissioner perspective, my intention was to see if the workshop was worth investing in. Professionals attending the workshop have already started to use the tools introduced, and from my own personal experience of the day and the feedback from others… Without a doubt, a useful learning event.

Gaynor Wakefield

NHS Trafford Commissioner

Increased confidence to use the skills learnt in both personal and professional life especially in relation to starting the conversations and the importance of listening.


Brilliant course for all health professionals who deliver patient care.

GP Participant

I have to look at all aspects of how to approach conversations and to focus what is important to patients.


It reinforces the importance of allowing time for these discussions to take place – and never assume you know what’s important to the patient and what matters to them.


Without a doubt, one of the best and most useful learning events I have been on. I am really enthusiastic about using these tools with my families that I work with.

Admiral Nurse

More focused on being person-centred & more confident.


Not being afraid to explore the patient’s needs and what the carers’ know about those needs.


That it is possible to have a real impact and make a difference to patients through helping them to convey their wishes.


Who’s the workshop for?

Passionate educator/facilitators looking for new ways to engage your social care, care home, healthcare or hospice staff in supporting end of life conversations with patients and families in their care.

Gain resources to:

  • Develop staff or team awareness, commitment and confidence in support of person-centred (advance care planning) end of life conversations and care
  • Add evidence-based approaches, tools and facilitated exercises to your toolbox
  • Learn from and with a community of peers

Why this Course?

It is not often talked about, yet fears and avoidance of engaging in end-of-life conversations and care exist not only amongst the public, but amongst staff as well. This course was designed to reframe and simplify staff training on advance care conversations in a way that places conversations over forms and reconnects the inherent compassion and care of staff to engage with what matters most for patients and families.

Reported Delegate** Benefits from staff attending workshops (GP’s, Care Home, Community Nursing, Social Care, and those working with chronic conditions (i.e., COPD, Dementia, Renal) Care)

  • Increased commitment to engaging in conversations with patients and families earlier,
  • Improved confidence to pick up on cues and/or partner in assisting patients/families to communicate preferences for care,
  • Enhanced perspectives to engage in conversations as opportunities for education of possible scenarios vs. answers to tick boxes, and
  • Increased awareness of their role in advance care conversations as part of multi – disciplinary teams supporting the best patient outcomes for care.

**Delegate outcomes were achieved by the full workshop experience as outlined below.

What can I expect?

This virtual workshop series shares the approach, framework and tools that have proven to engage the support and commitment of staff who may lack confidence or feel uncertain of their role in supporting end of life conversations and care for their patients, families and clients. Delivered originally in full or ½ day workshops, the approach and materials support and align to regional or national palliative and end of life initiatives.

What’s Included (full series )

  • A proven framework and facilitation approach for educators to engage staff in end of life conversations and care.
  • Individual tools and exercises to:
      • Explore personal and professional beliefs and challenges around advance care conversations and planning.
      • Strengthen confidence and competence in talking with patients/clients about their wishes in a positive way.
      • Increase personal and professional commitment to supporting ACP/EOL initiatives.
  • Sample delegate responses from course delivery.
  • Guidance on how to strengthen facilitation skills and incorporate this approach and resources with your own local forms or initiatives.
  • Session options to meet your schedule and needs (see below)

Virtual Webinar & Workshop Options

Each series or session includes facilitated exercises with guides, tools, opportunities for practice to complete in your own time, and delegate templates.

Session fees include a certificate of course completion; license for the participant (individual) to use our approach and materials as part of advance care planning or end of life initiatives; and to duplicate delegate handouts (so long as no changes are made to materials; and delivered as part of free staff or public education).

Focus on The Conversation Game™

£ 99
  • 90min Webinar
  • Facilitator & Delegate Tools

“Best of” Staff Education Tools

£ 299
  • 3 x 45min Webinars
  • Facilitator & Delegate Tools

Full Series Educator Workshops

£ 599
  • 6 x 45min Webinars
  • Facilitator & Delegate Tools
  • Monthly live Q&A calls

For 1:1 facilitator coaching, contact us at info@conversationsforlife.co.uk

Disclaimer: These workshops are educational coaching sessions designed to inform and facilitate staff educators to engage staff in advance care planning and end of life initiatives. No medical advice is provided. Please read our full terms and conditions here.

For more Information about the workshops, how they work, and where they came from please download

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