We are aiming to make our website accessible by following certain standards and Government guidelines to ensure that it can be used by everyone and anyone.


The website has been designed to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative’s ‘AA’ standard. We have used XHTML 1.0 and CSS that conforms to specification, as laid out by the W3C because we believe that usability and accessibility must have a solid foundation.

To understand more about the accessibility guidelines, we recommend that you check out the following links:
Web standards can be found at the external World Wide Web Consortium website.

We have undertaken to use our knowledge and understanding of the ways in which different people access the Internet, to develop a website that is clear and simple for everybody to use.

Text Size

You can change the text size using the using settings within your web browser you will have the ability to increase or decrease the text that is displayed on the web page.

To edit the size of the text

With various navigators :

Ctrl + mouse wheel

Internet Explorer : 

View >> Text size and pick your size

Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape: 

Ctrl & + to increase and Ctrl & – to decrease the font size


press + or – . Or go to View >> Zoom and choose your size.

External Links

We have decided to standardise the way that you open links to different websites from this website. This means that when you access an external website, the site will load in a new window from where you clicked on the link.

To return back to this website, you simply use the close window option on the top of the toolbar or type in the Conversations for Life address in the address bar. There may be some instances where this rule is overwritten.

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