“Best of” Staff Education Tools – (Full Series Sessions 1-3)



Develop staff or team awareness, commitment and confidence in support of person-centred (advance care planning) end of life conversations and care. Add Conversations For Life’s evidence-based approaches, three foundational tools and a template for facilitated exercises to your toolbox. Please scroll down to learn more.


Benefits of this series for Staff Educators

Engaging staff in advance care planning, palliative or hospice education can be daunting. Starting the sessions to ensure everyone is on the same page, and engaged, is key to success.

This series offers educator/facilitators the proven effective tools, tips and guidance,  using the top 3 resources in the full Conversations for Life, Simple Tools to Start the Conversation workshops.


3 x 45 min Webinars

  • Session 1: Welcome
    The Conversations for Life approach, framework and guidelines with introduction to the Conversation Game.
  • Session 2: Facilitating quality of life conversations:what matters most
    Multiple ways to facilitate The Conversation Game from Educator; Staff and Patient perspectives.
  • Session 3: Breaking the Silence
    Keys to using the power of this film to engage staff, public or patient-family awareness, reflection, and emotional safety.
  • Bonus: Workshop Template for a 90 min facilitated session using each of the tools.

Session fees include:

  • Personal Link to live webinar session delivered by CFL Founder/Educators
  • 2 packs of the Conversation Game (shipped in advance)
  • Online, password protected access to Breaking the Silence, (or DVD shipped)
  • PDF Facilitator Guides for:
    • The CFL Facilitation Approach
    • The CFL 6 Step Framework
    • Faciltiating the Conversation Game in Staff Education Sessions
    • Facilitating the Film as a tool for conversations -including an overview of the Film Story -Sharers and content for ease of further use.
  • PDF Staff Delegate Handouts for
    • Exploring what matters most-using the Conversation Game in Staff Education
    • Reflecting on their personal experience to apply in their work.
  • PDF Workshop Template w/timings for a 90 min facilitated workshop guiding delegates through each of the tools.

On completion of the session-Educators receive:

    • Certificate of course completion
    • License for the participant (individual) to use the CFL evidence-based approach and materials as part of staff education/ initiatives on advance care planning or end of life;
    • Permission to duplicate delegate handouts (so long as no changes are made to materials; and delivered as part of free staff or public education) (See full Terms & Conditions)

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Full Workshop Series colleague training“Best of” Staff Education Tools – (Full Series Sessions 1-3)
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