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For health, social care, care home or hospice educators who want to overcome the #1 obstacle to staff support of patient-centered conversations and care planning. This proven framework and facilitation approach will give you practical tools and exercises that have proven to inspire and engage staff to support end of life conversations and care initiatives.

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For health, social care, care home or hospice educators wanting effective approaches to:

  • explore staff personal and professional beliefs and challenges around advance care conversations and planning
  • strengthen staff confidence and competence in talking with patients/clients about their wishes in a positive way
  • anticipate virtual or in-person delegate reactions before using the tools with actual delegate responses
    increase staff personal and professional commitment to supporting ACP/EOL initiatives
  • strengthen facilitation skills and incorporate this approach and resources to support your  local workshops, forms or initiatives.


  • Staff are required to act in patient’s best interest,  many are avoiding-or fear, starting these conversations themselves.
  • Overcoming this resistance is as much a key to effective patient-centered conversations, as the specifics of how to engage others in advance care or end of life conversations.
  • This workshop series has proven effective in doing both, with the added benefit of leaving staff with tools they can then use with patients and clients as a result.


Personal Link to 6 X 45 min, on-line webinar sessions delivered by CFL Founder/Educators

  • Session 1: Welcome, a framework for facilitators &  getting started
    The Conversations for Life approach, framework and guidelines with ice-breakers and an introduction to the Conversation Game.
  • Session 2: Facilitating what matters most
    Multiple ways to facilitate The Conversation Game from Educator; Staff and Patient perspectives.
  • Session 3: Breaking the Silence
    Keys to using the power of this film to engage staff, public or patient-family awareness, reflection, and emotional safety, with tools to inform and help capture patient/family conversations.
  • Session 4: What & How?
    The importance of facilitating spiritual assessments, and integrating local resources, with frameworks and nationally endorsed sample documents for staff/patient/family use.
  • Session 5: Putting it All Together
    Facilitating the CFL Person-Centred Conversation with our Conversation Guide, and practical tips to use the resources with teams-including multidisciplinary teams-as part of local initiatives.
  • Session 6: Your Questions Answered
    Monthly group Q&A session with lead facilitator. Available only for full series participants

Session fees also include:

  • 1 pack of the Conversation Game (shipped upon registering, please allow 10 days for shipping)
  • Online, password protected access to Breaking the Silence, (and/or DVD shipped)
  • PDF Facilitator Guides for our approach and each of the Conversations for Life Facilitator Tools:
    • The CFL Facilitation Approach
    • The CFL 6 Part Framework for Educators and Participants
    • Facilitating the Conversation Game in Staff Education Sessions
    • Facilitating the Film as a tool for conversations – including an overview of the content for ease of further use.
    • The CFL Conversation Guide/Template
    • Facilitating a Spiritual Assessment Framework and Guidance
  • PDF Staff Delegate Handouts for each of the Tools:
    • Exploring what matters most-using the Conversation Game in Staff Education
    • Reflecting on their personal experience to apply in their work.
  • Workshop Templates w/sample outlines and course timings for session delivery:
    • “Best of”- 90min facilitated workshop, guiding delegates through the first 3 tools.
    • 3 hour workshop session
    • Full -day workshop delivery for multi-disciplinary teams

On completion of the session-Educators receive:

  • Certificate of course completion
  • License for the participant (individual) to use the CFL evidence-based approach and materials as part of staff education/ initiatives on advance care planning or end of life;
  • Permission to duplicate delegate handouts (so long as no changes are made to materials; and delivered as part of free staff or public education)-See Terms & Conditions
  • BONUS – Available for full series participants only. Access to monthly virtual Q&A sessions with CFL Founder & lead facilitator.

Disclaimer: The quotes of participant experiences on this website were from those who experienced the full, in-person workshop and tools delivered by Conversations for Life facilitators.  Due to varying levels of educator experience and delegate need, outcomes may vary.

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