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Get your questions answered by Conversations for Life™ Facilitators and learn with participants from the comfort of your own home in this live online workshop. Coming Soon.


Benefits of participating

This workshop series provides LIVE ONLINE coaching and resources to help you explore what matters most to you now for your future care.

  • You’ll overcome many fears of talking about death and dying and gain tips on how you can hold conversations with family and healthcare staff as a result.
  • You’ll learn the key elements that family and/or staff will need to know to act in your best interest, and gain peace of mind, knowing how this conversation can make a difference for yourself and loved ones.
  • Once complete, you’ll have an action plan for your own conversations and care over time.

Part of the magic of the Conversations for Life public workshops lies in the varied responses and perspectives of participants ‘in the room’. This workshop series gives you benefit of both learning from Conversations for Life™ Founder/Facilitators, and learning from the lived experience and ideas of other participants on the course.


4 x pre-scheduled, 60-minutes, online, group workshops coaching you through the 6 steps of the Conversations for Life public workshop programme with supporting exercises and worksheets.

Sessions are scheduled 1 per week for 4 consecutive weeks.

Live Webinar Series Outline:

Session 1: Getting started: Welcome, course overview & exercises to set the context and explore why this conversation matters to you now.  Clarifying your unique reasons will make it easier for others to listen as you prepare to start your conversations with others.

Session 2: Defining what matters most to you: the foundation of the rest of the sessions. A full, step-wise guided session on how to use The Conversation Game to explore your own wishes and values, define what matters most to you, and learn how you might use this information to open conversations with family or healthcare staff.

Session 3: Preparing the keys to informed conversations: Facilitated exercises and resources will help  you to answer for yourself the questions: Who needs to know?, Where would I prefer to be cared for?, What choices or decisions are important to me? Additional resources will be shared for you to become further informed in between sessions.

Session 4: Bringing it all together: this final session will build on the insights you’ve gained from your worksheets in sessions 1-3 to answer the question, How will I start the conversation?. You will receive a sample conversation template, gain tips and practice how you might begin to speak with family/friends or healthcare staff; and learn about forms you can use to document your preferences. Finally, you’ll complete your Personal Action Plan to put what you’ve learned into action.

Fees include:

  • Password protected online access to pre-scheduled live workshops
  • Password protected online access to Breaking the Silence film (or DVD shipped)
  • 1 set of the Conversation Game Cards (please allow 10 days for delivery)
  • 6 x Self-Guided Conversations for Life Worksheets (PDF’s) to capture your answers and ‘aha’s’
  • Nationally Endorsed PDF documents to document your preferences for family or care staff
  • A resource list to learn more about specific topics that may be important to you or those you love over time

System Requirements for Best Participation:

  • The workshop will be held on Zoom or similar platform. All information to access the session will be sent to you via email prior to the session date.
  • A computer that was manufactured recently should be able to handle any CFL online workshops. Many already have the equipment required to take online workshops with no problem, but it’s important to know if what you currently possess will do the trick.

A computer with the following basic specs should be sufficient for your CFL online/virtual learning:

  • Computer microphone and speakers
  • Computer/phone headphones (if preferred)
  • Web Camera -for full participation
  • High-speed Wi-Fi connection obtained either at home (preferred for the best experience) or via an outside source, that offers wifi and a space conducive to learning.

Disclaimer: These workshops are educational coaching sessions designed to inform and facilitate individuals to plan for your future care. No medical advice is provided.

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