The Conversations for Life™ Community Approach is now available across the UK

The Conversation for Life programme inspires both the public and professionals to engage in these conversations, increasing patient choice, ensuring families, patients and professionals know preferences for care, and increasing access to existing community resources over time.

The programme provides locally branded public awareness campaigns, facilitated workshops, on-line resources and products that inspire different audiences (family members/carers, health and social care professionals, and community organisations) to become part of the much needed conversations, connections and care for our future.

Our initiatives, products and programmes embed the wisdom of our peers, (via DVD, print, web and community-based events) linked to the best local and national resources available.

The Conversations for Life Integrated Programme

An integrated film, website and workshop ‘programme’ is available for healthcare trusts, government agencies and/or collectives of community organisations interested in shifting culture around end of life conversations and care. Consulting is provided to establish or support a cross-sector steering group to launch an integrated programme. Contact us to discuss this integrated model. Under Stories to Change, CIC, sponsorships and partner opportunities to share costs and increase reach and impact are possible. (See our pilot project overview for an example.)

The Conversations for Life Workshop

A 3 hour community-based workshop gives an interactive opportunity for individuals, family members, and carers to explore, consider and discuss the ‘why, what, when, where and how’ of future options and care. The workshops introduce the basics of ‘advanced care conversations’; talking about what you’d want in ‘advance’ of care needs. More importantly, they provide an opportunity for participants to define for themselves why these conversations are important to them and to practice how they will begin to break the taboo and start talking with family members, carers or professionals as a result.

Contact us to register your interest in a workshop for your group or organisation.

The Conversations for Life Website

A designated, community-based website allows individuals, family members and community organisations to share and access local, regional and national resources. The site links local stories with information around conversations and planning, access and care. (see

The Conversations for Life Film

Local people and professionals have the wisdom to share. Our experience and sensitivity in listening to and capturing these stories, and professional management of film production ensures those who share their stories are some of the initiative’s greatest supporters. Excerpts from their interviews inform the film, print and marketing materials for your locally based initiatives. (Our initial film in collaboration with NHS Cumbria is included in our facilitator training and workshop packs. Customised films can be produced directly to meet the needs or diversity of your community.)

The First Step

Group Facilitation for Community Conveners

Community organisations (hospices, care homes, churches, trusts) can act as ‘community conveners’ to catalyse the interest and engage organisations in your area. Consider all of the organisations already working to raise family, patient and carer awareness and choice. What if you worked together? Consulting and 1-day facilitation is available to launch a community-wide approach in your area.

To read more about our Community Approach, please scroll up this page.

Contact us to discuss facilitation for your group.

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