Our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted to be able to launch the Conversations for Life Programme with this new website!

Five years ago I held a conversation with my own mother that changed everything for her last days of living and I dreamt of being able to provide others with the information and tools to support what they want for their families and communities. Last year, with the support of many others, we developed and launched The Cumbria Conversations for Life pilot programme in collaboration with NHS Cumbria to help break the taboo of talking about death and dying in the UK, as a first step towards raising awareness and educating people around the need for end of life conversations while healthy, in order to influence their future care.

Based on it’s initial success and support from the Department of Health Social Innovation Fund, we are very pleased to announce that we will be carrying forward the work of the Conversations for Life Programme under the independent, not-for-profit social enterprise, Stories to Change, CIC.

Many of those who participated in our pilot programme expressed interest in the products and tools we used including ‘The Conversation Game cards’ , workbooks, and facilitator training either for their community organisation or in-house for clients or staff. Others thought the programme was only available in Cumbria. This website will begin to make our programme and others more available to individuals and communities across the country.

Yet this is just the beginning. Our stories, interest, organisations, and communities can join together to break this taboo and start the conversations that can influence our future care. Whether you’re a family member, professional, commissioner or community leader, we all have a role. Have a look, recommend a resource, sponsor a programme, and let us know how our programme and products can help you or your community to start the conversation. We look forward with anticipation to continuing what we believe is one of the most important conversations of our life…

….Best Wishes, Mary Matthiesen, Nicola Rudge and the Board of Stories to Change.

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