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The following organisations may offer more assistance regarding other community events and workshops related to conversations, planning, and end of life care. (Based on recommendations and feedback, we will list these organisations here in the future.)

Most healthcare at the end of life is provided through general health and care support services. Links for these  can be found on NHS Choices. For additional information about local Health, Social Care, Age Concern and Carers’ Information, refer to our Care page.

The following organisations and websites may offer more assistance regarding options for care around specific illnesses:

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For local and national palliative and hospice care
The following organisations and websites may offer more assistance regarding options for palliative and hospice care in your area:

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Spirituality and religion
The following are professional websites, yet provide a useful summary and links for more information.


With thanks to North Cumbria Palliative Care website for many of these links.

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