Conversations for Life™ Facilitator Workshops

To support existing educator/facilitators to deliver our programme in your area, we can offer facilitator workshops to approved individuals or organisations in your community.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at building upon the skill set of those with awareness of end of life sensitivities, national approved definitions of advanced care planning, and basic familiarity with nationally approved forms and requirements.

As public and professional trust of the experience of the Conversations for Life programme is paramount to it’s capacity to benefit people in the future, facilitators must be aligned and supportive of the principles and values of the programme.

What does it include?

3 part, modular facilitator workshops for experienced educator/facilitators, including facilitator training, comprehensive facilitator guides, quality assurance observation and optional 1:1 follow-up.

Optimum participant size 6-10 experienced facilitator/educators*/session delivered to your group or in your community.

Contact us directly at

  • to enquire about our bespoke workshops for your organisation, or
  • to register interest in our facilitator workshop series as an individual

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