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"I am convinced that this offers a user-friendly evidence-based way of engaging with the public that helps deliver some of the requirements in the End of Life Care Strategy."

-Helen Clayson, MD
Hospice of St. Mary's of Furness
For Commissioners & Sponsors
(Health Trusts, Local Government, Businesses, Funders and Donors)

The Conversations for Life Programme Partners with commissioners and organisational leaders to engage their communities around talking about and planning for our future care now. Developed in 2006 by a healthcare educator and community faciltitator to make it easier for staff and the public to start these critical conversations earlier, we provide staff workshops, community engagement, integrated programs and consulatancy under an independent social enterprise that inspire more people to:
  • explore and express their wishes while healthy,
  • access local information and services about their future care over time,
  • and ultimately achieve care for their last days of living in the communities in which they live.

To find out more about our partnership working and abstracts presented recently at three of the leading international conferences on advance care planning, palliative and end-of-life care, visit our articles or contact us directly on (+44) 01539234108 or via email.

The Conversation Game™

The Conversation Game™ is here! The most asked for tool in our public and professional workshops.
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Testimonials &
National Endorsements

"This is both a fantastically practical and poignant project which could help thousands of families..."


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